Ubisoft E3 Press Conference 2017 Review

Ubisoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference was about the same quality of the Sony Press Conference, it was helped by a major announcement towards the end of the show that had a lot of people extremely excited, with the announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2. Personally I’m very unfamiliar with the first game so I … Continue reading Ubisoft E3 Press Conference 2017 Review


Sony E3 Press Conference 2017 Review

Sony’s 2016 press conference may have been the single greatest video game press conference that I had ever seen, so saying the this year’s conference had some extremely high expectations would be a savvier understatement. As a result of these expectations this press conference was disappointing to me. Many games weren’t included including The Last … Continue reading Sony E3 Press Conference 2017 Review

NXT 122 June 20, 2012 Review

This review of NXT 122 will be the first of hopefully many reviews in this NXT review series that will cover all the episodes of the show that follow episode 122. This was the first episode of NXT from Full Sail University and was the first to resemble what we currently know, as NXT. Finally … Continue reading NXT 122 June 20, 2012 Review


Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 94 Review

This month’s manga chapter for Attack on Titan continued the amazing run the manga has been on in recent months. There were several points of interest established in this chapter including the possibility of someone from paradise having already infiltrated the Marley Army, Reiner’s backstory and teases of Annie’s true motivations. This chapter was entirely … Continue reading Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 94 Review


Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Attack on Titan returned for the second last episode of the season with an epic episode that had a variety of audiences satisfied to the fullest. The explosive content crammed tightly into this episode is the reason that we had basically entirely lacklustre content in both episode 8 and episode 9. This episode combined the, … Continue reading Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 11 Review


NXT Takeover Chicago Review

Roderick Strong defeated Eric Young NXT Takeover Chicago began with a brilliantly built up Rodrick Strong defeating Sanity’s Eric Young. Notably Strong got a massive pop, demonstrating that these vignettes they have been playing about, him being a husband and a father have worked properly. Who would figure that if you actually develop a character … Continue reading NXT Takeover Chicago Review


Bethesda E3 Press Conference Review

Bethesda’s E3 conference was a lot shorter and more compacted than I was expecting, but overall there were only 2 games that interested me: The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. The other additional announcements surrounded games that revolved around either VR or large RPG’s that I don’t have the time to get … Continue reading Bethesda E3 Press Conference Review