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Announcement of Final Fantasy Review Series

Today I am announcing that I will be playing through and reviewing all of the Final Fantasy Games. I own Final Fantasy (PS1), Final Fantasy 2 (PS1), Final Fantasy 4 (PS1), Final Fantasy 5 (PS1), Final Fantasy 6 (PS1), Final Fantasy 7 (PS4 Digital), Final Fantasy 10 (PS4 Remaster) and Final Fantasy 10-2 (PS4 Remaster). I will be reviewing them in order so I will need to purchase all the remaining games that I don’t own. I am relatively spoiler free to all of these games, except for 6 because I know that the villain destroys the world half way through the game. I also, of coarse are aware that the flower girl dies in Final Fantasy 7. To reassure everyone I have not played any of these games I recently got them and had the brilliant idea to make this series. I think it will be interesting for long time fans of these games to go through this journey with me. Thank You for your time I hope to have the review of the first Final Fantasy  as soon as possible, however this might take awhile because I have to play through the games…

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